Online Lecture Series


Music, Sexual Harassment, Racism:
Continuities & Change


Critical studies on sexualised and racialised violence have steadily increased in recent decades, but especially since #MeToo and Black Lives Matter power relations are also repeatedly addressed in music. This QUART – Quality of Arts lecture series aims to contribute to this scholarship and activism: It offers recent approaches to the analysis of sexual harassment and racism in the music industries and sheds light on initiatives that foster participation, inclusion, diversity, well-being and fair pay amongst musicians and other cultural workers.


29 March 2022 | 7 pm CET

Rosemary L. Hill

Sexual Violence and Gender Equality in Grassroots Music Venues

Abstract & Short Bio


26 April 2022 | 5 pm CET

Anna Bull

Higher Music Education after #MeToo

Abstract & Short Bio


24 May 2022 | 5 pm CET

Antonio C. Cuyler

Blacktivism, Anti-racism, and Creative Justice in Opera

Abstract & Short Bio


14 June 2022 | 6 pm CET

Round Table

Diversity Roadmap (Web | Facebook), female:pressure (Web | Facebook), Harfenduo (Web | Facebook)

Round Table Description



Katharina Alexi, Rainer Prokop, Rosa Reitsamer


In cooperation with:

Working Group on Equal Opportunities (AKG) @ mdw

Administrative Department of Equality, Gender Studies and Diversity (GGD) @ mdw



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